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Welcome to Deutscher Naturheilbund eV
Who we are?


The German non-profit-organisation "Deutscher Naturheilbund eV" is the oldest umbrella organisation of naturopathy associations and individual members in the German-speaking world.


Our history dates back to Vinzenz Prießnitz (1799 – 1851), known as the "father of naturopathy". Through the application of cold water and healthy diet combined with sufficient physical activity and healthy lifestyle, Prießnitz treated and cured more than 40.000 people.


Founded in 1889, the German Association of Naturopathy today consists of more than 50 associations with about 12.000 members. We are independent, charitable, officially approved as well as politically and religiously neutral.


What we do?.


In our member associations we offer applied health education and bring together theory

and practice, practitioners and patients. On the nationwide "Day of Naturopathy" we establish presentations, congresses, seminars and expositions to inform people about primary prevention and the range of therapies.


For public healthcare we work together with national and international committees of politics, medicine and science. Our concern is to integrate naturopathy into the medical education system. Therefore we collaborate with universities and promote projects.


For individual members we provide independent information about healthy lifestyle and diet. Your contribution can help us to raise our voice in healthcare and health education.


Trust nature and life – since 1889






Vinzenz Prießnitz

1799 - 1851






"Naturarzt" – monthly association journal.

Deutscher Naturheilbund eV
Christophallee 21
75177 Pforzheim 
Telefon: 0049 7231 – 46 29 282
Telefax: 0049 7231 – 46 29 284
Secretary: Sabine Neff
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